960x0Theresa Heinrichs is best known for large and vibrant paintings of flowers, Okanagan scenes and European landscapes. Her art has been described as intense impressionism. Her use of vibrant colors in an impressionistic manner, coupled with her use of a palette knife to “sculpt” in thick texture has become a favorite among collectors and art galleries far and wide.

The magazine “Okanagan Life” has spotlighted her painting of an Italian vineyard and the art industry’s magazine on Okanagan artists called “Okanagan Artworks” has highlighted Heinrichs in the article “Traveling The World For A Painting”.

She studied art at UBC and UVic and in Adelaide, Australia. An avid traveler, Heinrichs finds inspiration in the beautiful vistas she has seen around the world. Through her art she transports the viewer to the sunny vineyards of Italy, the pounding surf of Australia, the flowered forests of Europe and the textured beauty of the Okanagan Valley. She delights in capturing this loveliness on canvas for all to enjoy. Her other inspirations include the French gardens of Giverny where Monet lived and painted, the light-filled painting in Joachim Sorolla’s studio in Madrid and the magnificent paintings she saw in galleries throughout Europe, Mexico and Australia.

Throughout her career she has painted to share the beauty of a special moment in time in some of the most beautiful places in the world with the viewer, enabling them to bring it into their homes and their lives.